Christian Peau Washed Leather Sneaker Boots


Chris­t­ian Peau is a Japan­ese fash­ion house whose design is under­stood to bridge the gap between mod­ern avant-garde and clas­si­cal arti­san-based fash­ion. Unlike many cut­ting edge Japan­ese design­ers that have emerged from the last 10 years, Peau’s is much more Euro­pean in nature. His influ­ences lie in the tra­di­tionl arti­sans from the ear­ly 1800s who were under­stood to be mas­ters in their trade. Drawn from tra­di­tion­al shoe­mak­ing and leather mas­ter craftsmen,Christian Peau has rein­vent­ed the avant-garde in a mod­ern and beau­ti­ful man­ner.

The empha­sis is on hand­made leather garments—each shoe is made by hand in Japan with an assort­ment of hand-stained, paint­ed and washed leathers that are com­pound­ed and nailed togeth­er for a tru­ly unique out­come.

Source via oki-ni.

the trade

i have had my emer­ald green, toy­ota 98 cam­ry LE for about five years. since it is the almost the end of the year, and the fact that most great deals on cars occur dur­ing the holidays—it was time to trade it back in. the day was sat­ur­day afternoon…supposedly at nor­walk toy­ota, where we got it at. so i woke up after gal­li­vant­i­ng with G, dean, jeff, ed, vic, and grumpy…i mean jevon =p (look smi­lie). we went to her­mosa beach btw; patrick­’s was the bar/club/spot were we all got fad­ed haha. any­ways, i was sup­pose to go see some all-star bball at ban­ning HS….but i guess i hit snooze or the off-but­ton at 9:30am, and just did­n’t wake up till 11am—which was tip-off already.

so i called my moms on the cel­lie and just asked what the game plan is. i said, “hey ma”…she replied, “wat­up?!” haha. while still “wak­ing up” i real­ly don’t know what she was say­ing. then i asked her what time we meet­ing up at nor­walk, and she replied with some­thing along the lines of meet­ing up at VAN NUYS?! daaaaamn, that’s a lot of area codes to trav­el. instead of being a frig­gin’ 15–20 minute dri­ve, it became a 40–50 minute one. that meant more mileage to add to the 2,000 miles i already have over 60k; which is more mon­ey to pay the dealers—great one ma =\

mean­while, i go to the auto mall up in the val­ley (van nuys blvd.). i was going into the trad­ing-in thing to get either a 2002 cam­ry or accord. i was dig­gin’ the 2002 accord because of its low-pro­file rather than the cam­ry’s bulky body/chassis. so we met up with the toy­ota deal­er, and asked direct­ly for the 2002 cam­rys; she led us to the lot. $24k+ for the SE—which looked pret­ty cool. how­ev­er, for some rea­son, i want­ed some­thing that looks like a car and not a breed between a car and a mini­van.

at miller hon­da, we asked for the 2002 accord… freakin’ deal­er said that they don’t have anymore—too bad for me =p so he point­ed to the freakin’ 2003 accord EX. it was kin­da what i was look­ing for—a sil­ver paint with a sun/­moon-roof. when we opened the door, guess what… leather seats with a 6‑CD chang­er bling bling! …from that moment on, i was sold; it was just the mat­ter of my mom and aunt want­i­ng to get it.

after hours and hours of bar­gain­ing, and doing paper-work… our 3pm-8pm car trade-in escapade was final­ly over. here’s my NEW ride:

from my mind to yours… some­times when the deal­er lies about not hav­ing any­more of a par­tic­u­lar car batch, it works in your favor haha =p