Some sushi, some biru, and some good ramen, orig­i­nally uploaded by stechico.

In the SF area? More specif­i­cally, in the Outer Rich­mond? Feenin’ for some iza­kaya, good sushi and ramen? This is the place to be for those near the Outer Rich­mond. Park­ing can be hec­tic but easy as well. I parked at the Legion of Honor lot on a Fri­day night (I think that was on 34th and Clement St.).

Small place and you can wait a bit but its worth it. We had a pitcher of biru, cou­ple of yak­i­tori, some fresh nigiri, and 2 bowls of Cha-Shu Ramen. Between my friend and I, we spent $75.

You’ll have a good time here. It’s worth it. Hope that helps.

3212 Clement Street
San Fran­cisco, Cal­i­for­nia 94121

PS. The ramen is up to par with Katana-ya, but comparison-wise, it’s apples vs oranges. That is, I wouldn’t mind dri­ving here or Katana-ya for the ramen all the way from across the Bridge.

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