Some sushi, some biru, and some good ramen, orig­i­nal­ly uploaded by stechico.

In the SF area? More specif­i­cal­ly, in the Out­er Rich­mond? Feenin’ for some iza­kaya, good sushi and ramen? This is the place to be for those near the Out­er Rich­mond. Park­ing can be hec­tic but easy as well. I parked at the Legion of Hon­or lot on a Fri­day night (I think that was on 34th and Clement St.).

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saturday morning cartoons

damn, i woke up late. i was try­ing to catch and see whats new on sat­ur­day morn­ing cartoons—i guess i was just damn tired. went to d&b’s at the block last night for cook­ie’s bday; and yup, she was damn fad­ed when we got there. good times though.

but before then, we ate din­ner at koji’s. boy oh boy was it good. we ordered sev­en rolls of sushi think­ing that it will be a lot of food. ten, freakin’ ten min­utes lat­er maaaaaaan those dish­es looked like a ghost town.

mean­while, while we wait­ed, tom­my real­ly want­ed to get a pic­ture of the man­ag­er i guess. she was pro­l­ly hapa on her late 30’s, and she was hot. so cice­ly, var­i­ous times, tried to take a good pic­ture of her with­out her notic­ing it. so she tried doing the “ok jon i’ma take a pic­ture of you but i’m real­ly tak­ing a pic­ture of her behind you” kin­da deal. it did­n’t work. she tried with the whole table, try­ing it to jevon, tom­my, joe, and then me—mission failed haha good times.

oh man, in oth­er news, i’m on my third week with the com­pa­ny. so far so good… its a chill job since i’m just doing graph­ic design, some­thing i have also a pas­sion for. so i’m get­ting paid to do a hob­by which is bomb­diggety. this week, i con­cen­trat­ed on doing some ban­ners for some ad cam­paign from scratch. those take a long time to do, it’s kin­da like writ­ing an essay on a book… you take what you have read, and try to fit them all in the min­i­mum or max­i­mum pages that you were told to write; but instead, ban­ners can have pic­ture haha. so its like writ­ing an engi­neer­ing report, the dia­grams take almost half the page. aaaaaah school, the good ole’ days of pro­cras­ti­nat­ing.

joe­ma­ma brought up a good point last night. if we all went back to school and had the class­es we have had again, we would have got­ten at least B’s. it was a good the­o­ry that i wish we could have the chance to prove. think about it, for most of us, it took five years to know how to study. imag­ine know­ing what to read, how to write and take finals… that’s cake. yah… that and we’ll pro­l­ly be more lazy since we’ll have more free time to do stuff.

i don’t know, free time is hard to come by these days. at work, my hours go by fast because its a fun job. and every­one knows that when your hav­ing fun and doing work, time flies. but when you’re not, and you con­stant­ly look at the clock every minute (like dean and i use to do in most of our engi­neer­ing class­es)… the day seems to go in slow-mo.

so an advice to those want­i­ng their day to go by quick, space your work­load and try to have fun with it. i know most peo­ple hate what they do, but just be thank­ful that you have a job. don’t wor­ry be hap­py… lot­to dreams can come true someday—more like when you’re eighty-some­thing-years-old and about to croak ^^

from my mind to yours, don’t let the good times past you by… soak your life with it.