saturday morning cartoons

damn, i woke up late. i was trying to catch and see whats new on saturday morning cartoons—i guess i was just damn tired. went to d&b’s at the block last night for cookie’s bday; and yup, she was damn faded when we got there. good times though.

but before then, we ate dinner at koji’s. boy oh boy was it good. we ordered seven rolls of sushi thinking that it will be a lot of food. ten, freakin’ ten minutes later maaaaaaan those dishes looked like a ghost town.

meanwhile, while we waited, tommy really wanted to get a picture of the manager i guess. she was prolly hapa on her late 30’s, and she was hot. so cicely, various times, tried to take a good picture of her without her noticing it. so she tried doing the “ok jon i’ma take a picture of you but i’m really taking a picture of her behind you” kinda deal. it didn’t work. she tried with the whole table, trying it to jevon, tommy, joe, and then me—mission failed haha good times.

oh man, in other news, i’m on my third week with the company. so far so good… its a chill job since i’m just doing graphic design, something i have also a passion for. so i’m getting paid to do a hobby which is bombdiggety. this week, i concentrated on doing some banners for some ad campaign from scratch. those take a long time to do, it’s kinda like writing an essay on a book… you take what you have read, and try to fit them all in the minimum or maximum pages that you were told to write; but instead, banners can have picture haha. so its like writing an engineering report, the diagrams take almost half the page. aaaaaah school, the good ole’ days of procrastinating.

joemama brought up a good point last night. if we all went back to school and had the classes we have had again, we would have gotten at least B’s. it was a good theory that i wish we could have the chance to prove. think about it, for most of us, it took five years to know how to study. imagine knowing what to read, how to write and take finals… that’s cake. yah… that and we’ll prolly be more lazy since we’ll have more free time to do stuff.

i don’t know, free time is hard to come by these days. at work, my hours go by fast because its a fun job. and everyone knows that when your having fun and doing work, time flies. but when you’re not, and you constantly look at the clock every minute (like dean and i use to do in most of our engineering classes)… the day seems to go in slow-mo.

so an advice to those wanting their day to go by quick, space your workload and try to have fun with it. i know most people hate what they do, but just be thankful that you have a job. don’t worry be happy… lotto dreams can come true someday—more like when you’re eighty-something-years-old and about to croak ^^

from my mind to yours, don’t let the good times past you by… soak your life with it.