Chris Crutch­field doc­u­mented DTLA’s event dur­ing Inter­na­tional Pil­low Fight Day this past April 3, 2010. Here’s his video, Pil­lows (Good Feel­ing).

Awe­some, dig­ging it. Espe­cially the use of AE, the crisp­ness, and soundtrack.

Video Details

Pil­lows was shot on a Canon T2i using just the kit 18–55 lens (turned out bet­ter than I’d imag­ined) and audio was cap­tured using the Zoom H4N. All the post pro­duc­tion was done in Final Cut Stu­dio and After Effects. Most of it was shot in 1080/24p but the slow motion sequences were shot in 720/60p and con­formed via Cin­ema Tools to 24p. 

Thanks to my friends over at Red Giant this got some nice color grad­ing using the Magic Bul­let Suite and some Trap­code effects were used in the intro sequence.

Thanks to Los Ange­les for being a crazy enough city to actu­ally host some­thing like this.

The music is by Pret­ty­Lights called “Finally Mov­ing remix”


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