Black Cab Sessions

This is a cool site/music project, Black Cab Ses­sions.

The ses­sions are all about great music and the venue strips this to its essense. We aren’t picky about genre and will hap­pily open the cab door to any­one who blows us away…

I heard about it through Tony Hawk’s tweet early this morn­ing. They fea­ture artists such as: Death Cab for Cutie, My Morn­ing Jacket, Fleet Foxes, The Cool Kids, Lykke Li, and many more great musicians.

Mean­while, they announced that they will be in the US later this year. Pri­mary stops would prob­a­bly be NY, and then LA. Here’s the video promo for BCS NY:

Any­ways, be sure to visit them for some good, acoustic/live music ses­sions. By the way, you may also fol­low them via Twit­ter here.

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