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  • K’naan at the Apple Store San Francisco

    K’naan Set List, originally uploaded by stechico. I had the awesome opportunity to listen to K’naan last night. He had a live, acoustic performance at the Apple Store in San Francisco. I luckily got through 4th/Market early enough as there was a line forming from the entrance. It was my first time seeing a music…

  • Black Cab Sessions

    This is a cool site/music project, Black Cab Sessions. The sessions are all about great music and the venue strips this to its essense. We aren’t picky about genre and will happily open the cab door to anyone who blows us away… [vimeo]3393426[/vimeo] I heard about it through Tony Hawk’s tweet early this morning. They…

  • Pacquiao vs. Hatton Candid Reaction

    Did you see that fight this past Saturday night? That was some crazy carnage coming from a dude who smiles right before he’s about to enter the ring and fight someone who is bad ass at the weight they’re fighting in. I’m talking about the Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao vs. Ricky “Hitman” Hatton fight. I think…

  • Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration

    Hulu will be streaming the Inauguration live here. Update Here’s the updated Hulu link for President Obama’s Inauguration Speech.

  • Super Mario Bros. Live in Japan

    For some reason, this makes me want to re-visit Japan soon =) [youtube]UJMepmfOgU0[/youtube]