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  • How to Reference Twitter Bootstrap Documentation Locally, and Offline

    I was doing research with the new version of Twitter Bootstrap, version 3 (RC). After cloning from the project’s repo: https://github.com/twitter/bootstrap

  • Black Cab Sessions

    This is a cool site/music project, Black Cab Sessions. The sessions are all about great music and the venue strips this to its essense. We aren’t picky about genre and will happily open the cab door to anyone who blows us away… [vimeo]3393426[/vimeo] I heard about it through Tony Hawk’s tweet early this morning. They…

  • Brightkite iPhone App

    Brightkite recently announced it’s iPhone App coming to the iTunes App Store soon. Here’s the video demo of the application: [vimeo]1984673[/vimeo] I have been using Brightkite along with Twitter for couple of months now since James has invited me to the service. It’s a darn impressive social networking application that uses Yahoo’s Fire Eagle which…

  • What is Twitter?

    A couple of friends and family have been asking: What’s up w/ the status updates I see quite often? What’s w/ the “@” (at symbol) next to names on your status? What the heck is a tweet? etc. Rather than pointing them to Twitter’s site, I rather just show them this video: [youtube]ddO9idmax0o[/youtube] I hope…

  • Q-Tip – The Renaissance

    Looks like Q-Tip has an album coming soon called, The Renaissance. I heard Tribe at the recent Rock The Bells Bay Area show rocked. Damn, I missed out for sure on that one. Anyways, be sure to signup for updates on his site. He’s also on Twitter and on Vimeo.