Obama, “Son of the Soil”

I was just brows­ing for some news before head­ing to bed, and found some more Obama cel­e­bra­tion pho­tos from across the World. Here are some that I found very mean­ing­ful personally—specially the first one below:

In the west­ern vil­lage of Kogelo, where the president-elect’s late father was born, Obama’s step-grandmother and other rel­a­tives poured out of their rural home­stead to cel­e­brate a man seen by many Kenyans as a ‘son of the soil’.

With hula dancers, ecsta­tic chant­ing and some rock ‘n’ roll, a Japan­ese town named Obama rejoiced as its acci­den­tal name­sake was elected pres­i­dent of the United States.

At Obama’s for­mer school in Jakarta, Indone­sia, chil­dren cel­e­brated the elec­tion result.

You may check out more pho­tos (and the story behind them) by going to Telegraph’s col­lec­tion of Peo­ple Around the World Cel­e­brate Barack Obama’s Elec­tion Win”.

Source via Tele­graph.

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