President Obama and News Headlines Online

With the news of President-elect Barack Obama win­ning sweep­ing the World, most of the big news sites out on the net have updated their home­pages. Men­tion­ing that, it is still sur­pris­ing to me (at the time of this post­ing) that still has no men­tion of “Obama” ANYWHERE?!?!

Any­ways, here are the ones that I really dug below. You may click on the thumb­nails to view a larger version.

Mr. Pres­i­dent (ABC News)

Change has come to Amer­ica (CNN)

Obama Wins — “That is the true genius of Amer­ica — that Amer­ica can change” (LA Times)

All Things are Pos­si­ble” (MSNBC)

Obama: Racial Bar­rier Falls as Vot­ers Embrace Call for Change (NY Times)

Nation Finally Shitty Enough to Make Social Progress (The Onion)

Pro­pelled by Inter­net, Barack Obama Wins Pres­i­dency (Wired)

Here are the rest that were also mentionable:

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