Brightkite iPhone App

Brightkite recently announced it’s iPhone App com­ing to the iTunes App Store soon. Here’s the video demo of the application:

I have been using Brightkite along with Twit­ter for cou­ple of months now since James has invited me to the ser­vice. It’s a darn impres­sive social net­work­ing appli­ca­tion that uses Yahoo’s Fire Eagle which allows users to man­age their location.

The fea­tures that are planned for the Brightkite iPhone app are:

  • Auto geo-location includ­ing Place Snap­ping and Pick a Place
  • Noti­fi­ca­tions (nearby friends, posts, friend requests, com­ments & mentions)
  • Post­ing pho­tos and notes to locations
  • Nearby peo­ple and activ­ity feed
  • Friends lists and activ­ity feed
  • Peo­ple, places and posts search
  • Threaded mes­sag­ing
  • Pro­file streams
  • Place steams
  • Place­marks
  • Com­ment­ing on posts

The only draw­backs that I cur­rently forsee are the fol­low­ing (at least w/ web app):

  • You must have the dis­ci­pline to “check in” to your cur­rent loca­tion. I’m hop­ing the “auto geo-location” can address this with no sweat.
  • Some­times, the sync­ing between Brightkite and Twit­ter does not work. I think this is more on Twitter’s end (from what I heard fol­low­ing @brightkite).
  • There were a cou­ple of times an emailed photo would appear late (2-hours late one-time) from the time it was taken.

All in all, it’s a great ser­vice. I can’t wait to use that iPhone app vs. going to Safari every time to check-in. I just hope the sync­ing (Brightkite to Twit­ter) get’s polished.


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  1. James Carlos

    Yeah, the iPhone appli­ca­tion looks really pol­ished, I just wish more peo­ple I knew used the service.
    As for your first drawback:
    You must have the dis­ci­pline to “check in” to your cur­rent location.

    Are you think­ing an auto­matic check in? I think the cur­rent func­tion­al­ity is fine cause you may not always want to post your cur­rent loca­tion. Like when I’m just stand­ing in front of Crazy Horse and not really inside…honest.

  2. sherwin

    In terms of “check in”, the iPhone app has “auto geo-location”. I’m guess­ing you can pick the place before post­ing a note/photo to it.

    Crazy Horse–suuure, that’s what they all say haha

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