Hey Champ x Lupe Fiasco x FNF

With influ­ences from “art, his­tory, sci­ence, the 80s, car­toons, Where in the World is Car­men San Diego, and of course per­sonal misfortune/insecurity”, Hey Champ rocks it. The band is made up of Saam Hagshenas (vox, gui­tar, keys), Jon Marks (rhythm, vox, keys), and Pete Dougherty (keys, synths).

I’m dig­ging their music video for Gold Dust Girl. The open­ing part just reminds me of the rave scene from Matrix Reloaded (after Mor­pheus addresses Zion, and Neo & Trin­ity gets jiggy). Any­ways, check it out:
YouTube Preview Image

By the way, Lupe just recently signed them to his label FNF. For him to pick them up, you know they are headed no other way than up! Here’s Lupe broad­cast­ing Hey Champ’s signing:
YouTube Preview Image

Con­grats! FNF UP!

PS. Check ‘em out at:

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  1. Anya


    My name is Anya and I work for Ban­dit Pro­duc­tions. We work with Hey Champ and I am reach­ing out to blogs that have writ­ten about them in the recent past and col­lect­ing their con­tact infor­ma­tion. I was won­der­ing if I could get con­tact infor­ma­tion for this blog.

    Thank you for your time,


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