Hey Champ x Lupe Fiasco x FNF

With influ­ences from “art, his­to­ry, sci­ence, the 80s, car­toons, Where in the World is Car­men San Diego, and of course per­son­al misfortune/insecurity”, Hey Champ rocks it. The band is made up of Saam Hagshenas (vox, gui­tar, keys), Jon Marks (rhythm, vox, keys), and Pete Dougher­ty (keys, synths).

I’m dig­ging their music video for Gold Dust Girl. The open­ing part just reminds me of the rave scene from Matrix Reloaded (after Mor­pheus address­es Zion, and Neo & Trin­i­ty gets jig­gy). Any­ways, check it out:
YouTube Preview Image

By the way, Lupe just recent­ly signed them to his label FNF. For him to pick them up, you know they are head­ed no oth­er way than up! Here’s Lupe broad­cast­ing Hey Cham­p’s sign­ing:
YouTube Preview Image

Con­grats! FNF UP!

PS. Check ’em out at: