Lykke Li

Dang. Lykke Li. This broad is get­ting major hype. Not only is she bring­ing it, but she’s really dope and tal­ented. If you haven’t heard of the Swedish newcomer’s “free spir­ited, per­for­mance pop” from my Urban Outfitter’s LSTN #1 post a while back, you are miss­ing out. But, don’t fret—it’s not too late.

The first song that I heard from her was “Lit­tle Bit”. I think I was replay­ing it for a cou­ple of times (along with some oth­ers) when I was lis­ten­ing to the LSTN #1 album. Here’s her first video:

Lit­tle Bit. Music video made by Mat­tias Montero.
YouTube Preview Image

Yah, not too shabby. But check it—here are some bits of her per­form­ing live:

Teaser — Lykke Li
@ Bow­ery Ball­room, New York’. By Bae­ble­mu­sic.
YouTube Preview Image

Lykke Li & Bon Iver doing “Dance Dance Dance” in L.A.

Pretty dope, ain’t she? It may float your boat or not, but expand those senses. Here are some ways to keep up with her:

If you dig her, go sup­port and get her album Youth Nov­els, now avail­able at Ama­zon.

You may view her entire con­cert at Bow­ery Ball­room, NY in 2008 here.

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