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  • How You Like Me Now?

    How You Like Me Now?

    Always dug that KIA 2011 Sorento commercial; backed by the music “How You Like Me Now?” of The Heavy. I guess “the like” is coming from a well-picked audio piece that accentuates the character of not only the commercial, but the KIA Sorento’s playful/active and family-oriented lifestyle. Anyways, enough reading and more watching/hearing, here’s the…

  • Lily Allen – The Fear Music Video

    It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything about Lily Allen. Therefore, to solve that dilemma, here is her latest music video for her latest single, “The Fear” ((This is will be in Lily Allen’s forthcoming album “It’s Not Me, It’s You”, supposedly out February 9th, 2009.)). [youtube]q-wGMlSuX_c[/youtube] In addition, digging the typography on…

  • Kanye West Premieres “Love Lockdown” Music Video on Ellen DeGeneres Show

    Update Here’s the official, high-quality video straight from Kanye himself: [vimeo]1904829[/vimeo]LOVE LOCKDOWN from kwest on Vimeo.

  • Lykke Li

    Dang. Lykke Li. This broad is getting major hype. Not only is she bringing it, but she’s really dope and talented. If you haven’t heard of the Swedish newcomer’s “free spirited, performance pop” from my Urban Outfitter’s LSTN #1 post a while back, you are missing out. But, don’t fret—it’s not too late.

  • T.I. – Whatever You Like Music Video

    T.I.’s Whatever You Like music video (from his album Paper Trail) reminds me of Pretty Woman in some way: [youtube]nQJACVmankY[/youtube] Pretty catchy melody and chorus nonetheless. Probably can add it to a “chill” playlist for loungin’.