Ferris Bueller Parade Re-Enactment in NYC

Any­one? Any­one? … Bueller?

Def­i­nitely a clas­sic, Fer­ris Bueller’s Day Off is prob­a­bly one of those sto­ries that just can be applied to most gen­er­a­tions. With that said, it seems that New York artists Mina Karimi and Kara Suhey are recre­at­ing the parade scene from Fer­ris Bueller’s Day Off in the Green­wich Vil­lage Hal­loween parade. After a failed attempt early Sep­tem­ber due to weather, the duo will try again this upcom­ing Octo­ber 31st.

Project Bueller 2.0 is going to be much larger than orig­i­nally planned. We are now look­ing to recruit at least 2000 secret agents to cap­ture the spirit of the scene along the parade’s 20 block path.

(Adher­ence to the 80’s busi­ness casual dress code is optional as long as you make up for it with stud­ied 1986 dance moves and unre­strained vocal enthusiasm.)

  1. Email projectbueller@gmail.com to participate.
  2. Check out projectbueller.tumblr.com for devel­op­ing details and entertainment.
  3. Be excel­lent to each other.

Mina & Kara

Dang… this is going to be awe­some. Any­one down to go? haha =)

PS. If you don’t have the movie yet for your col­lec­tion, def­i­nitely grab one for years to come:

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