Rebooted November 1st 2005

Let it be known that its All Saints Day today. That and I have finally and offi­cially rebooted this blog to another life. Even though there are still some sub-pages being cranked out later down the week, it should be solid enough to get y’all through =)

Any­ways, while my cre­ative juices might be some­what flat these past cou­ple of weeks (due to end­less hours of play­ing sports, and keep­ing up w/ fan­tasy foot­ball leagues), it should start flow­ing… no, gush­ing out again.

Why is this? Because of a thing that started via a blog post when them flash-heads had too much fun. CSS Reboot, mmm mmm… taste the fresh­ness. It’s some­thing new for the web-standards com­mu­nity to look for­ward to. Again, I hope you like it. I fooled around with a dif­fer­ent approach to the user-experience in con­trast to my old blog designs. You’ll know it when you see it. Also, if you encounter any bugs or any­thing of that sort, please do holler—I’m always open to mak­ing things better.

Mean­while, thanks to the peo­ple who visit and fre­quent the site. Not to men­tion, spe­cial salu­ta­tion and recog­ni­tion goes out to Ben­jam­i­nAdam for head­ing the CSS Reboot stam­pede. I hope you spend less time orga­niz­ing those reboot thumb­nails, and more time sleep­ing and then enjoy­ing the cre­ativ­ity of the com­mu­nity you helped awaken.

Regards and gra­cias mi amigos,
Sher­win Techico

PS. This is just a memo: “the things we think and do not say” are just the ones that we need to express and let out to the world. This is my train of thought. I hope you hop on it and enjoy the ride.


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  1. juan

    the things we think and do not say” — man I use that quote a lot. I think thats gonna be my next book. I still need to print that other one.

  2. sherwin

    yah, we gotta have that ‘500’ book pub­lished. it’ll be a good book to have on the cof­fee table, dur­ing the morn­ing com­mute, or a good bath­room read =)