Zooomr Re-relaunched

Despite an unfor­tu­nate road block (i.e. DoS attack) this past Fri­day, Zooomr’s TechCrunch a cou­ple of months ago? Well, besides the splash screen above which stayed up for a cou­ple of days, I haven’t seen all the fea­tures yet first hand.

I remem­ber briefly strolling through the site in March and dig­ging the way Google Maps have been inte­grat­ed, a tweaked ver­sion of Light­Box in the form of… LightMap. Fast-for­ward to about a week or so ago, the lat­est news would have to be Flick­r’s Thomas Hawk telling us his rea­son­ing behind his move to Zooomr. That was prob­a­bly the time where inter­est grew in check­ing back with Zooom­r’s hap­pen­ings.

If you don’t know, Thomas Hawk shoots A LOT of pho­tos of his beloved SF. He’s a very well known Flick­rite among oth­er greats. So, I was inter­est­ed in see­ing what would make some­one who loved Flickr so much to be a “Chief Evan­ge­list” of anoth­er pho­to-shar­ing site.

Mean­while, here I am… inter­est­ed. Now, through the rab­bit hole… (to be con­tin­ued)