Zooomr Re-relaunched

Despite an unfortunate road block (i.e. DoS attack) this past Friday, Zooomr‘s TechCrunch a couple of months ago? Well, besides the splash screen above which stayed up for a couple of days, I haven’t seen all the features yet first hand.

I remember briefly strolling through the site in March and digging the way Google Maps have been integrated, a tweaked version of LightBox in the form of… LightMap. Fast-forward to about a week or so ago, the latest news would have to be Flickr’s Thomas Hawk telling us his reasoning behind his move to Zooomr. That was probably the time where interest grew in checking back with Zooomr’s happenings.

If you don’t know, Thomas Hawk shoots A LOT of photos of his beloved SF. He’s a very well known Flickrite among other greats. So, I was interested in seeing what would make someone who loved Flickr so much to be a “Chief Evangelist” of another photo-sharing site.

Meanwhile, here I am… interested. Now, through the rabbit hole… (to be continued)