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  • Veerle Got a New Groove

    Awesomeness is probably the word that I can describe Veerle Pieters‘ redesigned blog. I found a reference to the news via Bryan Veloso‘s “resignation“. Mothafreakers… I usually head over to Veerle’s for some illustration tutorials and ideas, but oh-my-gosh-o-golly, she trully has raised the bar another notch (or two or three).

  • case of the mundays

    geez i still have this bronchitis. i guess i haven’t been able to sleep that well, due partly to the freakin’ cough medicine that doc prescribed to me. i guess when i took during the daytime, my “nap times” just became “sleep.” therefore, messing up my daily clock. maaaaaan dang it. well, a lil tangent……