case of the mundays

geez i still have this bron­chi­tis. i guess i haven’t been able to sleep that well, due part­ly to the freakin’ cough med­i­cine that doc pre­scribed to me. i guess when i took dur­ing the day­time, my “nap times” just became “sleep.” there­fore, mess­ing up my dai­ly clock. maaaaaan dang it.

well, a lil tan­gent… as you know, rhythm natives’ web­site went active last week. so far so good—been hear­ing a lot of good things from dif­fer­ent peo­ple about it. but just to sum up the kudos: props from the band, from the homies & home­girls of the bands’, and big-ups from the peo­ple that wrote the minibb forum—the site is part of their “elite” showcase/galleries. it’s only been a week and it already have around 200+ unique vis­its from peo­ple around the globe; and that’s with­out adver­tis­ing heav­i­ly. we’ll prob­a­bly spread the word around more when we… or i, go near phase two of the design.

any­ways, back to not sleep­ing so much… i took some “tylenol flu: extra strength” giv­en to me by dr. mom. for some rea­son she and rest of the gold­en girls (e.g. my tita vang­ie and “nanay”/lola/grandma) think that it would work bet­ter than the cough syrup pre­scribed by my real doc­tor. i took some sat­ur­day night, i guess its safe to say that i knocked out for nine hours. but when i took a dosage last night and went to bed around 1:00am… man-oh-man… i think i was awake 3–4 hours lat­er! don’t know geez, i just want­ed to get some sleep so this annoy­ing cough can final­ly go away—but it seems that things that should help you get bet­ter rest are the ones that are f0king it up.

in the oth­er hand, i’m up and ear­ly work­ing on my ecom­merce web­site project. i hope i get every­thing straight­ened out before my pro­ject­ed dead­line. that will allow me to do more stuff and final­ly (again) get back to search­ing for that “career job” that seems to elude me ever since last sep­tem­ber, after fin­ish­ing my last col­lege under­grad class.

but who knows what the future holds?! all we can do is take it day-by-day, with a lit­tle plan­ning for our future; and hope that it goes accord­ing to plan. i hope that every­thing turns out well, real­ly… i hope that this damn econ­o­my picks up so that every­one can work again—especially myself… i have a loan to pay off. oh well :\

from my mind to yours, wish me luck on win­ning the lot­tery!!!


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  1. sherwin

    coun­ter­strike who/what/when?…it’s more like this damn ecom­merce site–getting me involved hack­ing a new cus­tomized shop­ping cart …so is the life of a comp. engr.

  2. jevon

    Dude.…you don’t have a dai­ly clock. What the hell are you talk­ing about? I don’t think you’ve ever had nor­mal sleep­ing pat­terns.