case of the mundays

geez i still have this bronchitis. i guess i haven’t been able to sleep that well, due partly to the freakin’ cough medicine that doc prescribed to me. i guess when i took during the daytime, my “nap times” just became “sleep.” therefore, messing up my daily clock. maaaaaan dang it.

well, a lil tangent… as you know, rhythm natives’ website went active last week. so far so good—been hearing a lot of good things from different people about it. but just to sum up the kudos: props from the band, from the homies & homegirls of the bands’, and big-ups from the people that wrote the minibb forum—the site is part of their “elite” showcase/galleries. it’s only been a week and it already have around 200+ unique visits from people around the globe; and that’s without advertising heavily. we’ll probably spread the word around more when we… or i, go near phase two of the design.

anyways, back to not sleeping so much… i took some “tylenol flu: extra strength” given to me by dr. mom. for some reason she and rest of the golden girls (e.g. my tita vangie and “nanay”/lola/grandma) think that it would work better than the cough syrup prescribed by my real doctor. i took some saturday night, i guess its safe to say that i knocked out for nine hours. but when i took a dosage last night and went to bed around 1:00am… man-oh-man… i think i was awake 3-4 hours later! don’t know geez, i just wanted to get some sleep so this annoying cough can finally go away—but it seems that things that should help you get better rest are the ones that are f0king it up.

in the other hand, i’m up and early working on my ecommerce website project. i hope i get everything straightened out before my projected deadline. that will allow me to do more stuff and finally (again) get back to searching for that “career job” that seems to elude me ever since last september, after finishing my last college undergrad class.

but who knows what the future holds?! all we can do is take it day-by-day, with a little planning for our future; and hope that it goes according to plan. i hope that everything turns out well, really… i hope that this damn economy picks up so that everyone can work again—especially myself… i have a loan to pay off. oh well :\

from my mind to yours, wish me luck on winning the lottery!!!