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Frontend UI/View Map

Years ago, I was learn­ing about Tiles & Struts as we were tran­si­tion­ing to it from a very old sys­tem (Vignette). We got to tweak stuff, as well as cre­ate from the ground up. With this project, I recall using Blue­print CSS for the first time in a pro­duc­tion stage. But that’s for anoth­er sto­ry, for anoth­er time.

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Pitchfork Music Festival iPhone App

Nice Design on this iPhone App for Pitch­fork Music Fes­ti­val 2011.

Though I wish there was a link to-the-top on the Info page. But over­all, sim­ple, read­able and to the point. More screens below.

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An Ode to UX Designers

One can go to the web and try to find a def­i­n­i­tion for User-Expe­ri­ence Design. They’ll find results such as this:

User expe­ri­ence (UX) is about how a per­son feels about using a prod­uct, sys­tem or ser­vice. User expe­ri­ence high­lights the expe­ri­en­tial, affec­tive, mean­ing­ful and valu­able aspects of human-com­put­er inter­ac­tion and prod­uct own­er­ship, but it also includes a person’s per­cep­tions of the prac­ti­cal aspects such as util­i­ty, ease of use and effi­cien­cy of the sys­tem. User expe­ri­ence is sub­jec­tive in nature, because it is about an individual’s feel­ings and thoughts about the sys­tem. User expe­ri­ence is dynam­ic, because it changes over time as the cir­cum­stances change.

But some­times, ani­ma­tions can do more. Here’s a cou­ple by lyle on Vimeo.




Who Said Yahoo Doesn’t Share for Free?

Just last week, pre-Valen­tine’s Day, Yahoo! shows it love to the pub­lic by launch­ing User Inter­face Library and Design Pat­terns Library. Not to men­tion, the crazy cats over at the Yahoo! UI depart­ment have start­ed a blog as well. Dang, they seem to be grind­ing and shar­ing great tools with every­one. I like that. You may read more about inter­est­ing tech­nol­o­gy via Yahoo! Devel­op­er Net­work.

Spe­cial thanks goes out to Blingo.com, that I came across Peter Fre­itag’s blog entry about it. It’s just too bad I did­n’t win any­thing =|