Frontend UI/View Map

Years ago, I was learn­ing about Tiles & Struts as we were tran­si­tion­ing to it from a very old sys­tem (Vignette). We got to tweak stuff, as well as cre­ate from the ground up. With this project, I recall using Blue­print CSS for the first time in a pro­duc­tion stage. But that’s for anoth­er sto­ry, for anoth­er time.

Mean­while, to help with the con­ver­sion, I need­ed some­thing visu­al to help the oth­er devel­op­ers in our team know why I have made it like this and what I’m think­ing in terms of what “view” we want to be spat out by the back­end. And so, the dia­grams & illus­tra­tions below came about.

You may view it via ui-view-map.pdf. This PDF includes some doc­u­men­ta­tion on what I was try­ing to con­vey to oth­er team mem­bers.

Feel free to down­load and share-a-like:

Please do note that it is 2011 now and the HTML struc­ture described in the doc­u­ment is more geared towards ear­ly 2000s’ fron­tend devel­op­ment. I’m just putting this out there as a ref­er­ence for myself, and those that think they can use some­thing like it for their projects, and/or work­flow.

Oth­er than the many IA evan­ge­list of the ear­ly Y2K-peri­od, thanks goes out to Nick Finck for pro­vid­ing a good resource page, Visio Sten­cils for Infor­ma­tion Archi­tects. It pro­vid­ed a good base of visu­al ele­ments to help with the pro­jec­t’s deliv­er­ables such as the one linked here. Those sten­cils are still use­ful.

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