Fall 2002

We left the bay at 8pm Sun­day, and got back at 1am Mon­day. It was a fan­tas­tic voy­age indeed. I’ll pro­l­ly write more about that par­tic­u­lar week­end lat­er on because there so much stuff that hap­pened… Very very good times!

Any­ways, very busy day today. Went to cam­pus to check out the career cen­ter and I bare­ly missed the drop-in hours for career check-up stuff. So I vis­it­ed Vesi and Adri­anne at the Cross. From there, went to say wat­up to some peo­ple on ring road, and can I just say nC for those that know what that is =p

But yah, tried to sell one of my books but the book­store ain’t buy­ing till Wednes­day. I bare­ly even used that com­pil­ers book… I only read the first chap­ter; which was 10 pages or so. So, hope­ful­ly I can get some of that dough cause I real­ly need­ed just to have some dig­its in my wal­let.

Mean­while, I’m begin­ning I fine-tuned my resume with the help of the roomies; just to get it ready for the OC Career Fair thats being held at the Ana­heim Pond Tues­day, Sept. 24th. I’ll be rollin’ up there w/ Jevon, Jon, Jovan, and G (and pos­si­bly John-John) before/during lunch time. I hope we get some cool hookups or some­thin’.

Well, just helped SigEp get a fly­er out for a par­ty this Wednes­day (9/25/02) at TAPAS. here’s a link to the fly­er.