Fall 2002

We left the bay at 8pm Sunday, and got back at 1am Monday. It was a fantastic voyage indeed. I’ll prolly write more about that particular weekend later on because there so much stuff that happened… Very very good times!

Anyways, very busy day today. Went to campus to check out the career center and I barely missed the drop-in hours for career check-up stuff. So I visited Vesi and Adrianne at the Cross. From there, went to say watup to some people on ring road, and can I just say nC for those that know what that is =p

But yah, tried to sell one of my books but the bookstore ain’t buying till Wednesday. I barely even used that compilers book… I only read the first chapter; which was 10 pages or so. So, hopefully I can get some of that dough cause I really needed just to have some digits in my wallet.

Meanwhile, I’m beginning I fine-tuned my resume with the help of the roomies; just to get it ready for the OC Career Fair thats being held at the Anaheim Pond Tuesday, Sept. 24th. I’ll be rollin’ up there w/ Jevon, Jon, Jovan, and G (and possibly John-John) before/during lunch time. I hope we get some cool hookups or somethin’.

Well, just helped SigEp get a flyer out for a party this Wednesday (9/25/02) at TAPAS. here’s a link to the flyer.