Tag: september

  • Happy Birthday Timi!

    Timi & Stitch, originally uploaded by stechico. PS. She does custom knits ranging from beanies to scarves. Click here to visit her Etsy store, aknitimi. PPS. Her store’s slogan “knitted goodies for the tragically hip”… =) awesome copy.

  • Disneyland Half Marathon

    It seems that marathons are the craze for post-graduates. Being that it’ll be the first time in Disneyland, and happens to hit mine and Hans’ DOB, figured might as well spend the “new year” there. I’ve sent out a couple of evites. For those that got it, spread the word. For those that didn’t, sorry……

  • an airport, a train-track and a freeway

    it’s not where you’re from but where you at! dang, after an exhausting two and a half-day move from our old apt. rancho monterey (tustin ranch)… we finally got done sunday. now it’s just putting all the small ‘ish away. but man, there were a couple of things… we’re in the middle of a traffic…