Disneyland Half Marathon

Disneyland Half Marathon, September 17, 2006

It seems that marathons are the craze for post-grad­u­ates. Being that it’ll be the first time in Dis­ney­land, and hap­pens to hit mine and Hans’ DOB, fig­ured might as well spend the “new year” there. I’ve sent out a cou­ple of evites. For those that got it, spread the word. For those that did­n’t, sor­ry… I don’t have your con­tact info. But you may click below for more info/registration:

Dis­ney­land Half Marathon (Inau­gur­al 2006)

Make sure to signup soon, as space is lim­it­ed. I heard that it already reached over 50% capac­i­ty. So come on and join in on the fun. Let me know if you do, that’ll be off the hiz­zo. Besides, who would­n’t want to grab one of these:

an airport, a train-track and a freeway

it’s not where you’re from but where you at! dang, after an exhaust­ing two and a half-day move from our old apt. ran­cho mon­terey (tustin ranch)… we final­ly got done sun­day. now it’s just putting all the small ‘ish away.

but man, there were a cou­ple of things… we’re in the mid­dle of a traf­fic jam of some sort. next to us is the free­way, and a train track. above us is the land­ing path of small jet planes arriv­ing at macarthur air­port. but it’s all good (from diego to the bay), most of the noise start when we get up in the morn­ing and end around 10ish pm before we all go to sleep. so it works out if you think about it. for exam­ple, if we don’t hear our alarm, you have three back­ups. one is the free­way full of cars; two is the air­planes about to land; and three is the train tak­ing peo­ple to work—but we can’t real­ly hear this one that much.

what else?… oh yeah, we found out that we have a “small” prob­lem; more like a rodent prob­lem. gee saw a tiny mouse nib­bling at a salt pack­et from no-where. it prob­a­bly came through our door since we did­n’t have the weath­er strip­ping below it. oh well, a new com­pan­ion for rusty.

so it’s a thurs­day night… get­ting this apt. ready and dandy for a year of livin’. tjm are at the PI doing there thang. hen­do is on a break from the art center—so we doing a lit­tle free­lance web/print com­pa­ny (name to be announced lat­er when we have the site done). it’s sep­tem­ber (to remem­ber) when you know that most­ly every­one and their mom­ma have birth­days pop­pin’ left and right. oh yah, that reminds me… we’ll prob­a­bly have a bday par­ty some­time late-mid sep­tem­ber (prob­a­bly the 19th, a fri­day)… so keep your cal­en­dars marked and ready for a rockin’ jam­my jam.

well it’s still hot and i have a lot of shiznit to do in this mutha. keep your­self “cool as ice” cause it’s still sum­mer weath­er (late sum­mer weath­er that is).

from my mind to yours, hap­py bday to them sep­tem­ber babies.