an airport, a train-track and a freeway

it’s not where you’re from but where you at! dang, after an exhausting two and a half-day move from our old apt. rancho monterey (tustin ranch)… we finally got done sunday. now it’s just putting all the small ‘ish away.

but man, there were a couple of things… we’re in the middle of a traffic jam of some sort. next to us is the freeway, and a train track. above us is the landing path of small jet planes arriving at macarthur airport. but it’s all good (from diego to the bay), most of the noise start when we get up in the morning and end around 10ish pm before we all go to sleep. so it works out if you think about it. for example, if we don’t hear our alarm, you have three backups. one is the freeway full of cars; two is the airplanes about to land; and three is the train taking people to work—but we can’t really hear this one that much.

what else?… oh yeah, we found out that we have a “small” problem; more like a rodent problem. gee saw a tiny mouse nibbling at a salt packet from no-where. it probably came through our door since we didn’t have the weather stripping below it. oh well, a new companion for rusty.

so it’s a thursday night… getting this apt. ready and dandy for a year of livin’. tjm are at the PI doing there thang. hendo is on a break from the art center—so we doing a little freelance web/print company (name to be announced later when we have the site done). it’s september (to remember) when you know that mostly everyone and their momma have birthdays poppin’ left and right. oh yah, that reminds me… we’ll probably have a bday party sometime late-mid september (probably the 19th, a friday)… so keep your calendars marked and ready for a rockin’ jammy jam.

well it’s still hot and i have a lot of shiznit to do in this mutha. keep yourself “cool as ice” cause it’s still summer weather (late summer weather that is).

from my mind to yours, happy bday to them september babies.