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  • Super Bowl 42 – OMG!

    Was that a crazy 2-minute drill or what?!?!?! Eli manning surely is growing up. It would’ve been nice to have seen the perfect NFL season in my lifetime though. Oh well, maybe next year(?) =)

  • Superbowl XLI

    Well, it was a great game. It was raining, ball was slippery, and Manning finally got his ring. But what about the last three minutes of the fourth… Why didn’t the Colts kick the ball? For those of us who just had the urge to bet Colts -7 and over 47/47.5/48—that was the big question.…

  • Web 2.0 and the Super Bowl

    Oh the things you find while Blingo-ing. Since it’s that time of year again for the Super Bowl, with it comes: the backyard-BBQ parties, the trash-talking between teams, the millions-of-dollars-worth of bets, funny & creative commercials and last but not least, the office Super Bowl Pool. A couple of friends and I have been doing…