#motorola v551

New Cellphone, Same Number, Emtpy Address Book

This past week­end, I saw the light. At least it turn­ing off on my cell­phone. I had the LG 4050 for almost 2 years now. I had suf­fered with it after the first year because of its crap­py soft­ware. Nev­er real­ly got the time to go to a Cin­gu­lar store and have them update it cause they phased it out after a cou­ple of months from its release.

So, being the troop­er, I decid­ed to just suck it up. But this past week­end, it just start­ed bug­ging out. Mean­while, inquir­ing with the homies and their phones, I decid­ed between the fol­low­ing:

  • Motoro­la Razr V3 (Black)
  • Motoro­la v551
  • Sam­sung e317
  • Audiovox SMT5600
  • Nokia 6230

The top pick was the Motorol­la v551. Got it for $150 at Best­Buy. Slapped on a 2‑year Per­for­mance Ser­vice Plan for about $40. With the addi­tion of tax, it came out to about $203.11.

Now I know you might think that thats waaaay too much for a cell­phone. But the fact is, I use my BB store cred­it card. What does that mean? Well, low month­ly pay­ments and no inter­est for 6‑months. I got the 2‑year PSP just in case some­thing goes wrong with it. I use to like Cin­gu­lar’s war­ran­ty thing but since a lot of peo­ple took advan­tage of it, they changed it so that you pret­ty much have to pay extra once you get a replace­ment phone.

Any­ways, I’m pret­ty stoked while play­ing around with the fea­tures on this phone. Then decid­ed that I’ll prob­a­bly give it a go and try it out; and if I don’t like it, just return it with­in 30-days. So I start­ed trans­fer­ring my con­tacts between phones.

I have an old 32k sim card (which needs to be upgrad­ed by Cin­gu­lar), so I had about 60+ num­bers on the LG’s mem­o­ry. I trans­ferred and copied from the SIM to the v551 first. That went well. I then delet­ed the SIM card to make room and trans­fer the remain­ing num­bers from the LG to it.

After doing that, I slapped it on to the v551 and start­ed the process of dump­ing the oth­er 60+ to the phone. Mean­while, I guess I for­got that I was try­ing on the Alarm Clock fea­ture (or some­thing else), so while on the copy process of the phone, it exit­ed out of that screen and onto the alarm. Blah!

So there you go, from 250+ num­bers to about 59. *sigh*

If you are read­ing this, just assume that I don’t have your con­tact num­ber. Please go ahead and shoot me an email with your number(s).

From my mind to yours, tech­nol­o­gy can some­times be time-con­sum­ing rather than pro­duc­tive.