New Cellphone, Same Number, Emtpy Address Book

This past weekend, I saw the light. At least it turning off on my cellphone. I had the LG 4050 for almost 2 years now. I had suffered with it after the first year because of its crappy software. Never really got the time to go to a Cingular store and have them update it cause they phased it out after a couple of months from its release.

So, being the trooper, I decided to just suck it up. But this past weekend, it just started bugging out. Meanwhile, inquiring with the homies and their phones, I decided between the following:

  • Motorola Razr V3 (Black)
  • Motorola v551
  • Samsung e317
  • Audiovox SMT5600
  • Nokia 6230

The top pick was the Motorolla v551. Got it for $150 at BestBuy. Slapped on a 2-year Performance Service Plan for about $40. With the addition of tax, it came out to about $203.11.

Now I know you might think that thats waaaay too much for a cellphone. But the fact is, I use my BB store credit card. What does that mean? Well, low monthly payments and no interest for 6-months. I got the 2-year PSP just in case something goes wrong with it. I use to like Cingular’s warranty thing but since a lot of people took advantage of it, they changed it so that you pretty much have to pay extra once you get a replacement phone.

Anyways, I’m pretty stoked while playing around with the features on this phone. Then decided that I’ll probably give it a go and try it out; and if I don’t like it, just return it within 30-days. So I started transferring my contacts between phones.

I have an old 32k sim card (which needs to be upgraded by Cingular), so I had about 60+ numbers on the LG’s memory. I transferred and copied from the SIM to the v551 first. That went well. I then deleted the SIM card to make room and transfer the remaining numbers from the LG to it.

After doing that, I slapped it on to the v551 and started the process of dumping the other 60+ to the phone. Meanwhile, I guess I forgot that I was trying on the Alarm Clock feature (or something else), so while on the copy process of the phone, it exited out of that screen and onto the alarm. Blah!

So there you go, from 250+ numbers to about 59. *sigh*

If you are reading this, just assume that I don’t have your contact number. Please go ahead and shoot me an email with your number(s).

From my mind to yours, technology can sometimes be time-consuming rather than productive.