Tag: humor

  • Regarding IE6

    This artwork by John Martz pretty much explains what most of us feel towards IE6—specially those in Web Design/Development.

  • “Yo Soy Conando!”

    Dude just cracks me up. Here’s Conan’s latest skit from Monday night if you missed it, “Noches De Passion con Señor O’Brien“. “Si—Conando!” haha

  • URL Longer-er

    I was just talking to James about the idea of having a URL “longer-er” service/site just for laughs. The idea of it is pretty much a reverse of most of the URL shortening services out there today like tr.im, is.gd, tinyurl.com, etc. Lo and behold, I guess they have one: titanurl.com Check out URL for…

  • The Lonely Island Live Debut Performance

    Just in case you missed it, The Lonely Island rocked the mic last night for their live debut performance at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. They performed “I’m on a Boat” but Black Thought filled in for T-Pain with an auto-tune. What scary is that they sound good HA!

  • SNL Digital Short – Motherlover

    In case you missed this past weekend’s SNL, JT hosted with musical guess Ciara. Since Sunday was Mother’s Day, Andy Samberg collaborated another “Digital Short” with JT via their “Dick in a Box” characters. Here’s “Motherlover”, which takes place 5-months after they get released from jail. PS. The “Mothers” are Susan Sarandon & Patricia Clarkson.…