Tag: humor

  • Great to Be Back

    That was one awesome trip. Big Island Hawai’i for those that don’t know. While I get settled back in to “mainland” pace, check out some Ghost Ridin’ (… idiots): [youtube]WOiWaTSypt4[/youtube]

  • US Air Guitar Championships

    OMG?!?! That’s all I said after viewing Heather Champ‘s post on the Flickr Blog about the photos of “air guitars”. Damn. Who woulda knew those late night rock-a-thon sessions can come to use. Learn more about the US Air Guitar event over here. Rock on! PS. Other one of those OMG-events was pointed out by…

  • Chappelle’s Show – First Season DVD

    It’s out and uncensored. 12 episodes plus special bonus features. You can get it from Comedy Central… or go to Best Buy (i.e. $19.99 this week).Click here to get it from Amazon.com for cheap now.