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  • Its Been a Minute

    Today, April 11th 2006, I have officially spent a year in the Bay Area. It has been a great learning experience, and still is. There is still a lot to learn, see and shoot. I haven’t gone home to LA since New Year’s. Everything seemed to be taken up a notch when 2006 hit. For…

  • Happy 2006!

    Happy New Year! I wish everyone good health and wealth. I hope you all have a prosperous year to come. Update: Here’s some great pictures around the world for 2005. Brought to you by Reuters.

  • free is free

    well, today i wanted to get back into training again. but that didn’t happen (just yet) because of a couple of stuff. first, i didn’t get enough sleep because i was busy arranging my receipts and rebate forms so i can mail them the next day. this supposedly-easy task took me till 3am to do.…