free is free

well, today i wanted to get back into training again. but that didn’t happen (just yet) because of a couple of stuff. first, i didn’t get enough sleep because i was busy arranging my receipts and rebate forms so i can mail them the next day. this supposedly-easy task took me till 3am to do. second, i ate some grandma’s chocolate chip cookies for breakfast because i forgot to bring a protein bar with me from the apt.—so that was a “good move.”

so, after eating two of those yummy cookies around 10:30am, i told myself that’ll i’ll get some soup + half-a-sandwhich somewhere. healthy right? well, lunch time came. CEO comes in and yells out to everyone, “FREE In-N-Out burgers from twelve to two!” shit! shit! shit! whats a man to do when he hears “FREE”??? and that’s “FREE” along with “In-N-Out burgers” …WTF?!?! i’m screwed, after all, “FREE” is “FREE”!

from my mind to yours, all the best things in life are FREE!