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  • Black Friday Deals on Wear

    Here’s a handful of casual/street wear/urban culture attire vendors having Black Friday deals. Most of them are based in California. But some have their sale event extending online as well.

  • Nike “Leave Nothing (Fate)” Commercial

    [youtube]jlXRengzZoc[/youtube] David Fincher directs the life-long journey of pro football players LaDainian Tomlinson and Troy Polamalu as their destinies collide in an NFL football game. Truly a couple of the best athletes that I have been fortunate to watch so far.

  • Add Insult to My Injury – Bernard Pollard Fan Club T-Shirt

    As if grown men (like me) everywhere in Fantasy Football land haven’t suffered enough… Believe Merch has designed a t-shirt commemorating Bernard Pollard’s infamous hit on Tom Brady this past Sunday. Not to mention, they were kind enough to add a small bio on him and why the tee came about: Bernard Karmell Pollard (born…

  • The Agony of a First Pick Going Down

    The Agony of a First Pick Going Down

    There’s nothing harder and more agonizing than seeing your first pick go down, get injured and be ruled out for the season in Fantasy Football. It sucks. After picking Tom Brady as my first pick, 11th in the Draft Order out of 12 people, and getting Randy Moss in the wrap around and my second…

  • Super Bowl 42 – OMG!

    Was that a crazy 2-minute drill or what?!?!?! Eli manning surely is growing up. It would’ve been nice to have seen the perfect NFL season in my lifetime though. Oh well, maybe next year(?) =)