The Agony of a First Pick Going Down

AP Photo/Winslow Townson
Tom Brady Out for the 2008 Season due to season-ending knee injury.

There’s nothing harder and more agonizing than seeing your first pick go down, get injured and be ruled out for the season in Fantasy Football. It sucks. After picking Tom Brady as my first pick, 11th in the Draft Order out of 12 people, and getting Randy Moss in the wrap around and my second pick, I thought I got the best I can per round at the time. But alas, that’s Fantasy Football for you, nothing is certain and it can either be rewarding or painful depending on which side you are on.

So what’s next, well I will probably try to pickup Cassel like everyone and their mommas are doing. I have a bad waiver priority (10 out of 12) so I need to have a plan-B and plan-C just in case I don’t get that piece of the puzzle. Other than the Raider’s O-line sucking vs. Denver’s Defense last night, JaMarcus Russell did a fairly good job for his first start of the season. However, it isn’t enough to ex me as having him as my starting QB.

Although, it is still early in the season, and I have hopes for my Fantasy Football team to still make it to playoffs. I have played with a team that was on the very bottom out of 12 teams, and still managed to place and get dough at the end. This one just sucks as its causing me at least 20pts. per week—Brady’s average projected Fantasy points.

Oh well, c’est la vie.

PS. I found out that Cassel went to Chatsworth HS, and played for the Chancellors. I guess its a sign mwahaha…