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  • Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah!

    It’s been 3 hours since most of the great peeps here at Military Advantage have left for the Holiday Weekend. I was postponing my departure for home as I was waiting on my early Christmas gift to myself, a new backpack for my new toys. It finally came in 30 minutes ago, and have been…

  • H&M San Francisco, Just Your Average Opening?

    H&M SF Grand Opening by stechico. Talk about your regular Saturday morning… I went to the city to hang out with some peeps and roll to the H&M Grand Opening (150 Powell St.). I got to Powell St. terminal via BART around 9:45am. As you walk up the hill, you can already see the chaos.…

  • Happy Birthday Manek!

    Happy 26th Ry! Keep it bengin’…

  • CES 2005

    Ever wonder what kind of gadgets are coming up for the new year? Well, click here for a preview from CES (Consumer Electronic Show).

  • Happy Bday Cat!

    CHI-town’s finest, down-to-earth optometrist-to-be!