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  • Whassup? Crew Goes Political

    It’s been 8-years since their Budweiser commercial but the “Whassup?” crew are back. They made this political spin-off of their famous one ((Here’s the original Bud version.)). [youtube]Qq8Uc5BFogE[/youtube] Thanks goes out to Ryan for pointing this out.

  • Bill O’Reilly Meltdown

    I was chatting with Mik earlier about setting up a paintball outing at the Jungle sometime in the next couple of weeks when the whole “F**K IT, we’ll do it live” mention came about. Here’s the classic piece that aired a couple of months ago: [youtube]2tJjNVVwRCY[/youtube] What’s even funny is that there’s this video of…

  • Wedding Blunder – Best Man Fails

    With all the weddings that I have been going to lately, I just wish I don’t see this: [youtube]mqKWay-_3bk[/youtube] The groom should’ve just jumped in after the bride and the priest, and have everyone else jump in the pool to make the most of it. That would’ve been dope, funny and memorable. The bride could…

  • Sarah Silverman and The Great Schlep

    [vimeo]1808434[/vimeo] Sarah Silverman wants Jews to get their butts down to Florida for The Great Schlep. She’s hilarious. The video is pretty much pro-Obama, but worth the watch whether you are for him or McCain. The campaign was paid for by the Jewish Council for Education and Research, www.jcer.info. Awesome right? =) The whole bit…

  • Ferris Bueller Parade Re-Enactment in NYC

    Anyone? Anyone? … Bueller?