MasterCard “Timeline”

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Nice­ly done.

Mas­ter­Card spot by MacLaren McCann in Toron­to “cuts” through the clut­ter in the most lit­er­al sense of the word because of its focus on the pain, sac­ri­fice and human­i­ty behind every true sports icon. A hock­ey leg­end’s many sur­gi­cal scars from his play­ing days trace a hum­bling “time­line” across his skin. At the end, the play­er sim­ply sits in the lock­er room alone, a poignant image of a man who earned his acco­lades by pay­ing the painful price many times and always skat­ing back onto the ice for more. It’s Bob­by Orr, but he’s nev­er ID’d, imply­ing that his hard-earned achieve­ments out­live the fleet­ing fame. Besides, in Cana­da, they’ll know who he is.

Source via AdF­reak by David Gianata­sio

a royal flush?

well, i was just check­ing whats cur­rent­ly going on in the world of pok­er and decid­ed to cruise on by WPT’s site. its been a while since i’ve got to see the crap­py look­ing page. but to my sur­prise, they changed a lot of things—nav, some col­ors, and especially—the lay­out. how­ev­er, look­ing at the nice and tidy grid that they were using, i saw the fol­low­ing ad…

WTF, and this is on the WPT web­site haha

…yes it seems, that the card on the very left is a “jack” but upon fur­ther inspec­tion, its a “ten” card that has been cut-offed