Category: Development

  • Git Info – Almost Like “svn info”

    I have been trying to find something like svn info but for Git. Luckily, I stumbled upon Duane Johnson’s script. Here’s [gist id=3937631 bump=1] I made an alias in my .profile to make it a bit more accessible: [gist id=3937631 file=.profile]

  • Clearfix Revisited

    The new style rules I’m using: .clear:after { content:” “; display:block; height:0; clear:both; visibility:hidden; font-size:0; } .clear { display: inline-block; } /* Hides from IE-mac \*/ * html .clear { height:1%; } .clear { display:block; } /* End hide from IE-mac */ For more information on the update, have a read over at Jeff Starr’s…

  • vBulletin and Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility

    If you are experiencing some display issues in IE8 with your vBulletin-based forums (and/or general sites), you might want to try adding the following meta-tag in your HEAD section: … … You may get more info about this meta-tag and issues that might be connected with IE8’s strictness at the IEBlog, and/or via this Microsoft…

  • Cleaner Gallery Markup in WordPress

    As of WordPress 2.7, the shortcode still spits out invalid XHTML markup, as well as add style rules in the middle of the page which causes error during markup validation.

  • Separate Pings/Trackbacks from Total Comment Count in WordPress

    After taking a look at some search results and at Matt Martz’ article, Separating Pings from Comments in WordPress 2.7, I still had some issues with particularly the comment count. There were also a problem with how the functions I have added/modified are being carried across in my templates (but probably are mostly in the…