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  • How To Install Java 7 on Mac OS X

    For most, this would come in handy with those using the latest browser extensions/add-ons that use Java, especially version 7 (in the time of this writing). There are two ways to go about this. First, for most users, they just need the JRE. The second are those doing development work and need the JDK. Before…

  • How to Reference Twitter Bootstrap Documentation Locally, and Offline

    I was doing research with the new version of Twitter Bootstrap, version 3 (RC). After cloning from the project’s repo:

  • Increase File Upload Size Limit

    I am working on a project that requires high-level users to be able to upload more than the default WordPress file-upload limit. I’ve done this in the past but I have set it to a multi-domain setting. Meaning that it encompasses all of my domains being hosted in a particular Dreamhost user account. I wanted…

  • Converting a Subversion SVN Repository to Git

    Converting a Subversion SVN Repository to Git

    I’ve used DreamHost’s SVN hosting with past projects I’ve done. It wasn’t till recently that I had time to migrate them over to Git. Searching the net, I found JohnAlbin’s steps on how to do so efficiently (written in August 2010). ((If you have Ruby, you may try svn2git tool, which will skip steps 1-6.))…

  • 3D Thumbnail Hover Effects Using CSS3 and jQuery

    [youtube][/youtube] Pretty cool effect, and addition to your web design project(s) that involve photography/images… Source: Codrops