Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp

A couple of weeks back I mentioned the RIMA lamp by Dreipuls. I was kind of bummed as it looks more fashioned towards those with laptops/notebooks. Then I saw the Z-Bar Desk Lamp by Koncept Technologies.

Z-Bar Desk Lamp features the award-winning three-bar design for ultimate reach and flexibility. The super-adjustable LED head can spin in its socket, sweep side to side, and rotate around the end of the arm to point in any direction. The touchstrip is located near the LED head for easy access. Slide your finger along the strip to dim gradually, or touch the strip anywhere to jump directly to any brightness, including off. Compatible with optional occupancy sensor.

Such a beauty. I also noticed that the Z-bar is also clamp-able. Which is good if you can only afford so much desk space for a lamp. Other than having a stylish, compact design, it is also “green”—about 50,000 hours life span on its LED bulbs.

Probably the only negative is the starting price of $130. Not bad as this is a potential keeper. More product photos below…

Source via My Life Scoop