RIMA Lamp by Dreipuls

I was look­ing for a desk lamp to replace the one I got from IKEA in 1997—it final­ly 86’ed. After a cou­ple of min­utes of research, I saw this beau­ty: the RIMA lamp by Dreipuls.

RIMA desk lamp, anodized alu­mini­um, white, lens­es with dif­fer­ent beam angles, LEDs are con­trolled by slid­ing up to four float­ing rings over the elon­gat­ed illu­mi­nant, mov­ing the rings will turn LEDs on and off.

Sexy isn’t it? But from the look of the prod­uct pho­tos, its most­ly for those with laptops/notebooks. But I won’t be sur­prised if it can be tweaked for those with desk­top machines. Any­ways, pret­ty cool design.

PS. By the way, I end­ed up get­ting the Glob­al from IKEA. It’s sim­ple, and it did the job.

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