Pennies in a Jar — Nikki Jean

Remem­ber Nik­ki Jean?

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Just received word that she’ll be releas­ing her album enti­tled, “Pen­nies in a Jar”, this upcom­ing Tues­day, July 12, 2011.

Nik­ki Jean would trav­el cross-coun­try, work­ing on songs with col­lab­o­ra­tors who would top any list of the great­est song­writ­ers of all time. The plan was inspired, but also wild and improb­a­ble. Who could imag­ine that a new artist, still in her ear­ly 20s, could reach out to a wish list of Hall of Fame song­writ­ers, and that so many would say yes?

What emerged is a com­pact musi­cal his­to­ry: the girl group sound, Motown, Clas­sic Pop, Philly Soul, a place where Coun­try lit­er­al­ly meets Hip-Hop. Linked by Nik­ki Jean’s warmth and her infec­tious joy. The chal­lenge was to take these diverse influ­ences, this geo­graph­i­cal and musi­cal range, and make it flow. ‘PENNIES IN A JAR’ accom­plish­es this beau­ti­ful­ly.

Track List­ing:

  1. How to Unring a Bell
  2. Steel and Feath­ers (Don’t Ever)
  3. La Di Da Di Da
  4. My Love
  5. Pen­nies in a Jar
  6. What’s a Girl Sup­posed to Do
  7. Rock­away
  8. Mil­lion Star Motel (Ft. Black Thought & Lupe Fias­co)
  9. Pat­ty Crash
  10. Chi­na
  11. Mer­cy of Love
  12. Sex, Lies and Sun­shine

You may pre-order it now on iTunes & Amazon.com1.

Sup­port good music!

  1., in the time of writ­ing, has sam­ple-snip­pets of her album online via the MP3 ver­sion. []

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