Fri­day is a day of the week. Yes. We all know. But it has made its mark in peo­ple’s lives… What do I mean? Well, from what I can remem­ber, here goes…

Fri­day the 13th, “which super­sti­tion holds to be a day of bad luck.”

Which spawned a hor­ror-movie series in the 80s (12 movies & going?)…

On a lighter note, its a day which inspired the say­ing “T.G.I.F.” in the 60s, “cel­e­brat­ing the last day of the work/school week before the week­end.”
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Which inspired the restau­rant of the same name in the same decade.

And in the mid-90s, anoth­er movie fran­chise star­ring Ice Cube & Chris Tuck­er enti­tled, “Fri­day.”

It’s Fri­day, you ain’t got no job, and you ain’t got shit to do!
~ Smokey (Chris Tuck­er)

Fast-for­ward to 2011, if you have been liv­ing under a rock, Fri­day has made quite an impres­sion on a 13-year old named, Rebec­ca Black. An impres­sion so big that she made a song, which turned viral on Youtube. Queue video here.1

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It was so heav­i­ly crit­i­cized by the pub­lic, that it spawned lots of par­o­dies. Not to men­tion, as of today: over 138,062,873 views; 381,576 likes; and 2,743,605 dis­likes HA!

But it won’t be fair if we don’t note what good has come from her song. Notable men­tions include the fol­low­ing:

* Stephen Col­bert, The Roots, Tay­lor Hicks, and Knicks City Dancers per­form­ing “Fri­day” with Jim­my Fal­lon. Video here.
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* Youtube users cov­ers. List of the top ones here via

* Last but not least, prob­a­bly the most recent cov­er that has been wide­ly seen, came from the Glee cast.

What­ev­er it is you hold mean­ing of Fri­day for, may it be excel­lent and mem­o­rable!

  1. It seems like Rebec­ca Black­’s camp removed the video(s) from Youtube some­time mid-June. Rea­son­ing, here.

    After a cou­ple of weeks, in mid-July, her camp then rein­states that its okay for them to go back online. []

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