Friday is a day of the week. Yes. We all know. But it has made its mark in people’s lives… What do I mean? Well, from what I can remember, here goes…

Friday the 13th, “which superstition holds to be a day of bad luck.”

Which spawned a horror-movie series in the 80s (12 movies & going?)…

On a lighter note, its a day which inspired the saying “T.G.I.F.” in the 60s, “celebrating the last day of the work/school week before the weekend.”
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Which inspired the restaurant of the same name in the same decade.

And in the mid-90s, another movie franchise starring Ice Cube & Chris Tucker entitled, “Friday.”

It’s Friday, you ain’t got no job, and you ain’t got shit to do!
~ Smokey (Chris Tucker)

Fast-forward to 2011, if you have been living under a rock, Friday has made quite an impression on a 13-year old named, Rebecca Black. An impression so big that she made a song, which turned viral on Youtube. Queue video here. ((It seems like Rebecca Black’s camp removed the video(s) from Youtube sometime mid-June. Reasoning, here.

After a couple of weeks, in mid-July, her camp then reinstates that its okay for them to go back online.))


It was so heavily criticized by the public, that it spawned lots of parodies. Not to mention, as of today: over 138,062,873 views; 381,576 likes; and 2,743,605 dislikes HA!

But it won’t be fair if we don’t note what good has come from her song. Notable mentions include the following:

* Stephen Colbert, The Roots, Taylor Hicks, and Knicks City Dancers performing “Friday” with Jimmy Fallon. Video here.

* Youtube users covers. List of the top ones here via

* Last but not least, probably the most recent cover that has been widely seen, came from the Glee cast.

Whatever it is you hold meaning of Friday for, may it be excellent and memorable!