Genki Sudo, Warrior-Poet

I’ve heard of MMA fighter Genki Sudo a while back only to be reminded and refreshed that he was an entertainer now (under the same name) by the homegirl Belle.

Here is Genki Sudo’s group World Order, in their music video, “Machine Civilization“. Music by Genki Sudo/Takashi Watanabe; words by Genki Sudo.


Ain’t it dope?!

You may freely download the MP3 version of the song directly here (ZIP file, 5.2MB). Along with the Youtube video, Genki Sudo goes into what he wanted express with the song:

Many disasters are ongoing in Japan; earthquakes, Tsunami, and nuclear accidents. These unprecedented things may be able to change however from now. That’s why I expressed through World Order to convey some message to you on my own way. I see these accidents will become a turning point of civilization. I think the time of revolution is coming, where people in the world coexist with this planet against the system of modern society, economy and politics.

Any accident is neutral. Although we are straying around this deep darkness, I believe we can get through anything when each of us can let go of our fear and face things positively.

The world won’t change on its own. We do change one by one. That makes the world change. The darkness just before the dawn is deepest. So, we do rise up together to greet the brilliant morning truly coming for the human beings.


Genki Sudo

Meanwhile, for those that just came upon him recently, you should’ve seen what he was doing before. You can safely say that he was an entertainer back then too, in his MMA days. Below, you’ll find a 5-part documentary. I hope y’all enjoy how interesting dude is and what he stands for and how he has evolved through the years; from a warrior to a poet—Genki Sudo.

Documentary Part 1 of 5 here.


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