The Ultimate World of Warcraft Gamer

Wowsa! I must say this guy is hardcore. To mostly everyone, they’d say he is “nuts”.

Going under the moniker “Prepared” in WoW, he has 36-characters and plays them on 11 computers all at once. Dude pays about $5,700+ per year to keep all of his squad. He’s pretty much his own clan.

Anyways, damn… that’s just too much money and time to be wasting on other things. For example, in Juan-fashion, $5,700 is 5,700 items in Jack in the Box’ Dollar Menu. That can feed hecka/mad/grip amount of peeps. I know that it won’t stop poverty, but that can take a good chunk of negativity away from it.

Maybe we can have this dude take a closer look at what he is doing. Have him contribute in more of a positive way to not only Blizzard but to society as well.

Source via Gizmodo

PS. I guess this can be my Blog Action Day post as well.