Apple Releases New MacBooks

If you don’t know already, Apple has just announced its new line of Mac­Books1 ear­li­er at 10 this morn­ing in Cuper­ti­no. Today’s line is a com­plete­ly new build from the ground-up, start­ing with its “uni­body” approach.

Oth­er than the uni­body being total­ly new to the line as well as the indus­try, I am lik­ing the fol­low­ing on the Mac­Books:

  • 13.3‑inch LED-back­lit dis­play. The 12-inch ones is just to small. Hav­ing that extra 1.1‑inch is tru­ly a big step.
  • Upgrad­ed video adapter, NVDIA GeForce 9400M2. Nice upgrade for those want­i­ng to do more gam­ing on these. But I think this is also nice for those doing pho­to edit­ing like me.
  • All-new, smooth glass Mul­ti-Touch track­pad. No buttons—it itself is the but­ton!

Though these are nice upgrades, the price went up to $1299 for the Mac­Books. If I was in need of a new laptop/notebook com­put­er, this would be the best pick. It’s just too bad it does­n’t have an ExpressCard/34 slot like how the Mac­Book Pros have them. It would be great to have for those peo­ple who take their Mac­Books on vaca­tion or on trips and want­i­ng to edit/backup/upload their pho­tos from their SD-based media cards (like the one I have for my Canon Pow­er­Shot) along with a card read for the slot.3

You may get more infor­ma­tion and/or watch the video via If you don’t know which Mac­Book is for you, click here to com­pare them at a quick glance.

If you are lean­ing towards buy­ing a Mac­Book Pro and need the quick run­down of the new bells and whis­tles, click here to read up The Apple Blog’s review about it.

  1. Mac­Book, Mac­Book Pro, and Mac­Book Air []
  2. The Mac­Book Pro has both the 9400M and the 9600M GT. You may switch to either depend­ing on your need for per­for­mance as well as bat­tery life. []
  3. They do have a ExpressCard/34 slot. I don’t know where I read that dif­fer­ent. []

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