Music Artists on Twitter

I hap­pen to stum­ble upon some inter­est­ing Twit­ter pages. Here’s what I’ve found:

Most of ’em are con­stant­ly updat­ing, although Lil Wayne has­n’t since 8‑months ago. I think he has been pret­ty busy late­ly if you ask me =)

Here’s a cou­ple more that I found:

Find more via Silent Sound Waves.

PS.—is also very use­ful. It’s “user pow­ered Twit­ter direc­to­ry”. Here’s the sec­tion for #music, which lists the cur­rent top-25 fol­lowed music artists.

  1. Twit­ter delet­ed the fake account. Read up here. []

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