Change File Type Icon in Vista

I recently installed E-TextEditor and made it my default program for opening various, development-related file types (i.e. .php, .py, .txt, etc.). With build 1.0.24, it seems that if you make it the Default Program for text files (.txt extension), the icon associated with the type seems to be missing.

Here’s a quick solution that I found through search results, to correct the blunder (till E-TextEditor gets that process fixed). Note: be sure to backup your registry before doing any changes as a precaution; or even have someone who knows what they are doing do it for you if you are unfamiliar with the process.

  1. Click on START, or hit the WINDOWS-key
  2. Type in the following where it says “Start Search”:
  3. Go through these folders:
    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > txtfile > DefaultIcon
  4. Then replace



You should now have your text files display a decent, looking icon (i.e. the default Notepad.exe one).